Trinity - Territory for the Ideas Implementation -
Green Technology Integration Center


TRI is the territory for the implementation of ideas.

Ideas in three areas: Ecology and Health, Culture and Creative, Economy and Entrepreneurship.

The Triniti Village site in Peredelkino, which is being created as a practical Center for the Integration of Green Technologies, is, in addition to the exhibition and educational center for the Implementation of Green Ideas and Technologies in Life for Professionals (B2B), also a Development 3.1 Laboratory (three in one: Home / Business / Leisure ) format of thematic eco-villages.

3D Development is three threads of life:

HOUSE – Ecology and Health

BUSINESS – Economy and Entrepreneurship
LEISURE – Culture and Art

The direction of the implementation of the ideas of the TRI is the Sustainable Development Goals of the world’s population, formulated by the UN, and the solution of the tasks set by the Goals.


Entering a new technological and civilizational shift, Russia needs to develop the territories for the implementation of green ideas by creative people for a green economy and the well-being of the people of the new world.

The territory of the ConTRI demonstration project is provided with a well-located plot of 10 hectares, investments in infrastructure from the founders of the project, technical and organizational solutions tested for two years nearby, in the Trinity Lab&Club.

Most of the solutions in the field of housing construction, expo, infrastructural technologies for sports and recreation, and education are created by TRI residents – innovators of green technologies. As separate solutions, and in cooperation with each other and the management company of the territory.

Such interaction, with our goals, should unite the main resource of TRI- creative human energy, craving for the search for vocation, realization, knowledge and creativity.


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