Promoting the modernization of construction industries

Join the community of people and organizations creating green, smart cities and standards for a prosperous life.

Promoting the modernization of construction industries

Join the community of people and organizations creating green, smart cities and standards for a prosperous life.
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Following the example of associations of green building participants in many countries of the world, the Association unites organizations, universities and experts in the “Green Building Council” in Russia (RuGBC)
Starting from 2009 as an independent Russian Council we are in contact with the WorldGBC (Green Building Council) and Councils in other countries, holding annual meetings in various formats on a systematic basis. Constant exchange of experience with recognized world centers of ecological construction, scientific organizations and universities, holding and participation in joint conferences, allow Russian specialists to establish contacts with foreign colleagues, keep pace with the international development of understanding the creation of a quality living environment and adaptation to climate change.

The RuGBC Council is the leading regional green building association among the CIS countries and promotes the development of Green Councils (GBCs) in Uzbekistan, Armenia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and other countries of the region.
The RuGBC Association is registered and located in Moscow, pos. Peredelkino, where, in addition to the office of the association, on one and a half hectares, the main demonstration and educational territory of environmental innovations of the association members is located.

For the development of green building, RuGBC brings together, on the principles of voluntary self-regulation, non-profit and commercial, educational and research organizations, specialists, experts, enthusiasts, engineers, architects, designers, builders, students, owners and users of buildings. It unites associations and unions that are centers of competence in the areas of ecological construction.
Gathers the Scientific Council of leading scientists in the field of green building, green energy and green economy.


RuGBC is developing educational programs – since 2019, master’s programs on green standards have been opened at six regional universities. RuGBC members hold many seminars, lectures, and educational courses every year. The Association develops and takes part in the development of advanced training courses in various areas of the green economy.
The Council participates in the creation of green GOSTs in specialized TCs under Rosstandart, develops green standards and recommendations for organizations, and supports various systems of green certification and green standards.
The Association focuses on innovation – it is engaged in the acceleration of “green” start-ups, conducts research activities, and cooperates with development institutions of the Russian Federation.

The RuGBC expert community consists of more than two hundred prominent figures from various industries participating in various projects of the Council, as well as a community of thousands of specialists around the world through partner organizations.
The “Green Building Council” is a collegiate expert body that accumulates world and Russian knowledge and practices of green building, bringing together specialists who contribute to the modernization of the Russian construction industry.

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