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Are green buildings an expensive toy or a necessity?

On 24 March 2023 a teleconference between RuGBC and KazGBC took place on the topic: “Green buildings – an expensive toy or a necessity?

The dialogue took place in the format of a productive discussion, where the experts were Guy Eames, Chairman of the RuGBC Green Building Council, Alexander Bely, Executive Director of the KazGBC Green Building Council and his colleague Diyaz Bayseitov, Development Director of KazGBC.

Over the course of an hour-long conversation the participants discussed the definition of “green building” and various approaches to the industry, what seems to be an obstacle for customers and whether it is a prejudice, what the cost of green buildings is, whether it is expensive and, most importantly, what the benefits of the industry are, and also noted the tools and opportunities to stimulate and support customers on the green building agenda.

Overall, the dialogue was structured as a productive discussion and strengthened the industry information bridge between Russia and Kazakhstan.

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