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GRASS: A story of successful growth and sustainable development

RuGBC management visited one of the fastest growing regional enterprises in Russia, GRASS, which is actively developing and making significant efforts in the social and environmental spheres. The plant’s CEO is committed to finding and implementing best management practices, cyclic and green technologies, and devotes considerable attention and resources to protecting and saving endangered animal species, implementing a separate waste collection system, reforestation and other environmental projects.

Following the visit, RuGBC members presented GRASS with a number of recommendations based on their expertise and experience in green building and sustainable development. These recommendations are aimed at strengthening already adopted practices and introducing new approaches that will help the company to even more effectively implement green and sustainable production methods, improve social responsibility, and expand their environmental footprint. This will allow GRASS to become a leading example in the industry and demonstrate how a business can be successful while caring for the environment and society as a whole.

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