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Green perspectives for Grozny – Finalists are chosen

31.5.23 Grozny The city that rose from the ashes to become of the most successful and innovative regions of the northern Caucasus is planning to develop. RuGBC is an official partner to the Grozny masterplan competition, which by the end of September will provide Grozny with a blueprint for development for decades to come. The open competition invited contestants from around the globe to submit applications including examples of relevant projects and an essay outlying their vision for the city.

RuGBC Chairman Guy Eames attended the Expert Council of the competition, which recommended three finalists for the Jury, which met the next day. Three finalists consortium were led by:

  1. Studio Lebedev
  2.  “City of Generation”
  3.  “Master Plan”

it is a great honour to be part of this process, our role is to guide the panel towards more sustainable development  models. The Moscow based contestants showed competencies in creating resilient and comfortable cities. I am confident that by September the result will be a step forward for the city and its inhabitants

Guy Eames remarked

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