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100+ Awards

The acceptance of applications for the third All-Russian Engineering and Architectural Association 100+ Awards, founded in the context of the construction forum and exhibition 100+ TechnoBuild, has started. You can send your project until May 15, 2023.

For the first time, the meeting, also known as the “engineering Oscar”, was awarded in 2021. Specialists and creative teams fought for success, which made a significant contribution to the development of architectural and construction science, design, development of capital construction projects in Russia. The winners were projects such as Lakhta Center, the only facility in the country of Norman Foster’s bureau – the headquarters of the Russian company, the port of Vostochny Med from the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company and others. In 2022, another nomination related to design was added. The number of applications increased to 196. In the end, 15 companies with projects for residential, public and public buildings became the winners.

The structure of state authorities includes senior officials and foreign specialists in the construction industry, representatives of relevant state authorities and local governments. Over the years, these were Juliet Jiang, Senior Vice President of BROAD Group, Sergey Tchoban, Head of the SPIC Architectural Bureau, Vladimir Travush, Chief Designer of GORPROEKT CJSC, RAASN Vice President, Guy Eames, Chairman of the RuGBC Green Building Council, Anatoly, Chief Designer of Capital Group Ladayev, communications director Werner Sobek Frank Heinlein and others.

2023 nominations:

  1. The best architectural solution:
  • residential building;
  • non-residential unique building.
  1. The best engineering solution for the construction site.
  2. Best design solution:
  • residential building;
  • non-residential unique building.
  1. The best green building facility.
  2. The best BIM model of the building.
  3. The best solution for a comfortable urban environment.
  4. Best Innovative Development:
  • materials;
  • technologies;
  • IT solution.
  1. Best interior design
  • public space;
  • apartment up to 50 m2;
  • apartment with area from 50 to 100 m2;
  • apartment with an area of 100 m2.

After the end of the acceptance of applications, the selection for assembly takes place. Then they will be transferred to the expert council, which calculates the shortlists. The winners of a certain jury, namely, the award will take place in October 2023 at 100+ TechnoBuild at the Ekaterinburg-Expo IEC.

you can find out the details, download the Regulations and the application for participation on the official website

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