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Artificial intelligence – the key to ‘green buildings’

Skolkovo 24.5.23
RuGBC’s partnership with the Skolkovo Energy Cluster this year moves to a higher level.

“Innovative solutions involving AI algorithms are becoming increasingly common in making buildings more resource efficient, reducing their environmental impact and reducing costs” RuGBC’s Chair Guy Eames emphasised in his presentation at the launch of the “Build up accelerator” held at the 2023 Start Up Village at Skolkovo.

Artificial intelligence - the key to ‘green buildings’

Moderated by Yury Khakhanov, the session discussed moving from ‘smart digitisation’ towards intuitive management and ‘robotisation’. Alexei Perlin, director of Upside Development, welcomed Intelligent and Green solutions in their residential and mixed use projects, whilst Ocsana Dunina, head of Digital Developer praised the expansion of Russian AI in sector. Rostelecom’s Irina Sestukova explained the importance of high speed and reliable eco systems to enable new AI solutions to be effective in construction.

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