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First Eurasian Congress of People’s Diplomacy – 2023

RuGBC took part in the First Eurasian Congress of People’s Diplomacy-2023 (ECPD-2023) on the theme “People’s diplomacy as a tool for direct dialogue with the world community and a basis for building a new world”.

Today, when the world order is changing rapidly before our eyes, in the conditions of the crisis of the world economy, aggravation of the international situation and the painful birth of a multipolar world, people’s diplomacy is becoming, if not the only, then the most effective basis for international cooperation in all spheres of society.

President of RuGBC Dmitry Berezutsky in his report shared the experience of green expert diplomacy, told about the international events that the Association “Green Building Council” held in 2023.


To create a permanent international platform for the development and
introduction throughout the Eurasian space of the tools of people’s diplomacy in order to
in order to develop and strengthen integration processes on the basis of international law, cultural and traditional spiritual and cultural heritage.
law, cultural and traditional spiritual and moral values, equitable socio-economic development of the countries in the focus of the Congress.
socio-economic development of countries whose focus of attention is the interests of both the society as a whole and the interests of the whole
of both society as a whole and the interests of the individual.

The co-organisers of the Congress are: Russian Association of International Cooperation (RAMS), Cultural Centre of the Main Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Russian New University (RosNOU), Geography Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and Russian-Chinese Chamber.


Public Chamber of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).


  • RUIE Committee on International Cooperation;
  • Kazakhstan University of Innovation and Telecommunication Systems;
  • Association of Armenian Entrepreneurs;
  • “Strong Armenia with Russia – for a New Union” movement;
  • Association of Regional Scientific and Educational Centres (Armenia);
  • ROO “Moscow Suvorovtsy”;
  • Ecological Cluster of the Biosphere Territory of Issyk-Kul;
  • Union of Yaitsky Ural Cossacks;
  • Association of Cosmonautics Museums;
  • Public Council of Moldova;
  • International Union of Free Journalists;
  • Congress of National Associations of Russia;
  • Russian Coordinating Council of Migrant Organisations and Communities;
  • Fund “Unity of the Russian and Georgian People”;
  • World Congress of the Peoples of Georgia;
  • Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Russian Community of the Republic of Moldova;
  • Centre for European-Asian Studies;
  • Eurasianews Media Centre;
  • RuGBC Green Building Council.

The Congress was attended by leaders of high status public and state structures, representatives of the diplomatic corps, heads of governmental and intergovernmental structures, as well as representatives of business circles from Russia and other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and Greater Eurasia.

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