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The future of sustainable architecture in Russia

In preparation for the architectural festival “Zodchestvo”, a meeting of leading representatives of architecture, development and sustainable development took place on 16 March 2023 to discuss the role of architecture in the process of sustainable development in Russia. The event was held at the Central House of Architects.

The discussion, which was opened by Aleksei Komov, Vice-President of the Union of Moscow Architects and Chief Architect of Kaluga, and Alexander Remizov, brought together prominent architect Oleg Ivanov (Pride) and other leading figures such as Elina Paramonova from the HSE Urban Planning Group, Alexander Kolontai from the Moscow Institute of General Plan, Anna Minnakova, sustainability expert, and Guy Eames, chairman of RuGBC.

Alexander Remizov spoke about the origins of sustainable development, while Anna Minnakova and Guy Eames spoke of their first-hand experience of ‘greening’ Olympic construction in Sochi and the development of the industry.

The questions of incentives for private developers to adopt sustainability strategies were discussed as well as the potential role of the state in the transition to a green economy.
The introduction of incentives related to “taxonomy”, led by DOM.RF and the recently launched “Clover” standard, was welcomed.
There was general consensus that sustainable development in Russia is essential, and that the country has great potential to accelerate the process.

We thank Oleg Ivanov for the invitation and look forward to the International Festival of Zodchestvo!

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